Our Web Development Course is the ideal way to build a strong foundation and understanding about how the Internet works. You will be taught the latest and the most advanced Coding and Design techniques available. Our research team works tirelessly to update the course material and any new developments in the Web field are immediately incorporated into our Courses.

1- Photoshop
2- Illustrator
3- Fireworks
4- Photo Editing
5- UI / UX
6- Usability
7- Accessibility
8- MultiDevices

1- Planning
2- Direction

Web Development Course Syllabus

  • HTML
    o History of the World Wide Web
    o Mechanism of the Internet
    o Fundamentals of HTML
    o Structure of an HTML Document
    o Underlying Concept of SEO
    o Impact of HTML tags on SEO
    o HTML Formatting Tags
    o Concept & Applications of Hyperlinks
    o DOCTYPE Declaration
    o Creating HTML Tables
    o Creating HTML Forms
    o History, Concept and Introduction of HTML5
    o New HTML5 Elements
    o Obsolete Elements in HTML
  • Image Optimisation for the Web (Adobe Fireworks)
    o Commonly used Image Formats on the Web
    o Optimal Resolution for Web and Printing
    o Introduction and Advantages of Adobe Fireworks
    o Basic Features of Adobe Fireworks
    o Image Optimisation Techniques
    o Creating GIF Animations
    o Concept & Execution of Image Slicing

  • Web Authoring Softwares (Adobe Dreamweaver)
    o Optimal Folder Management for High Maintainability
    o Intro to Dreamweaver & Other Web Authoring Softwares
    o Features & Controls of Dreamweaver
    o Creation of a Website Using Dreamweaver
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    o History and Basic Features of CSS
    o Relationship between CSS and SEO
    o Cascading Rules
    o CSS and Maintainability
    o Frequently-used CSS Properties
    o Advanced Selectors
    o CSS Properties to Promote Usability
    o CSS Properties to Promote Accessibility
    o CSS Properties to Promote High Click-rate
    o CSS Propoerties to Promote Readability
    o User Interface Properties
    o Creating a Box Layout Structure with CSS
    o CSS Layout Properties
    o Recent CSS Trends & Techniques
    o Developer Tools to Counter Bugs
  • Javascript (JS)
    o Basic Concept of Object Orientation
    o Tags for Legacy Browsers
    o JavaScript Syntax
    o Methods
    o Properties
    o Variables and Arrays
    o Looping Constructs
    o Conditions Bifurcation
    o Functions and Event Handlers
    o History and Concept of DOM
    o Controlling Elements with JavaScript
    o Controlling Attributes with JavaScript
    o Controlling Nodes with JavaScript
    o Concept and Introduction to AJAX
    o Using the Google Map API (AJAX)

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